Self-Managed Super Funds or SMSFs

Everyone wants a stress-free retirement.

Self Managed Super Funds

After years of working, you deserve a convenient, easy, and happy quality of life in retirement.

If you are worrying about the saving funds to make it happen, self-managed super fund (or SMSF) is a great way for saving for your retirement. SMSF is not your usual super fund. Generally, it is managed by its members who are also the trustees. Members manage their funds for their own benefit. They are also the ones responsible for complying with tax laws.

SMSF allows greater flexibility and direct control of your investment.

You may also enjoy lower fees depending on the savings in your fund and better performance through an SMSF (depending on where it is invested). You can choose where you want to invest your retirement savings, e.g. stocks, bonds, property, or exchange traded funds (ETFs). With an SMSF, you can actively manage your portfolio and adjust your investments as the market changes.